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The Northwest corner of the United States is steeped in history dating back close to 300 years. Pioneers and adventurers looking for new ‘homes’ and land to call their own. It was in 1847, 143 men, three women and two children settled in the valley east of the Great Salt Lake. As members of the Church of Latter-day Saints, they sought to establish an autonomous religious community. They were the first people of European descent to permanently settle in the area today known as Utah.

SKYTEAM wants to assist you as you settle into your chosen area, be it Utah or California. Our team takes service seriously with our goal to take you on the smoothest path as we can to find the best lender to meet your needs. We want this experience to be a positive one as you make these decisions on a home purchase or refinance. 

Our dedicated professionals will make sure this happens. From our local team members to our Corporate, we have years of experience paving the way.     



Join the Skyteam Geneva Fi and soar to new heights. 

Do you want to join our Skyteam?  As a Regional Area Manager for Geneva Financial, LLC, Jason Hall is focused on recruiting lending professionals interested in making the American dream of homeownership possible throughout the state of Utah and in Southern California as Geneva Financial, LLC continues to grow with a focus and commitment to provide exceptional service to our borrowers, employees, loan originators and branches, as well as the Real Estate community.  Geneva Financial, LLC, has experienced steady and continuous growth and we attribute our success to innovative, modern business practices and one simple philosophy ― “We will take you to new heights”. Contact Jason today; he would love to chat about the opportunities available here at Geneva Financial, LLC.

Client Reviews Sky Team Geneva Financial, LLC

"Jason is one of the most knowledgeable mortgage professionals I know. I have had the privilege to work with him both as a wholesale account executive and an insurance agent. He has always had his clients best interest in mind and works very hard to close their loans on time and with the best possible loan programs for their needs." John Geerstein

"Jason is GREAT to work with... I can count on him to create solutions that are good for everyone involved. He promotes realistic expectations and then over-delivers in every aspect. I also appreciate his strategic thinking and count on him to anticipate roadblocks so to limit exposure and maximize upside. The project we worked on together was a HUGE success and I can't wait to work with him again. When it comes to real estate lending he is the expert you need in your corner. Thanks Jason!" Daniel Mauer


"Jason played a big part in the purchase of our dream home. The process was smooth and seamless and we enjoyed our experience very much. We would definitely use him again and have recommended him to others." Brodie J Smith

"I am confident referring my clients to Jason because of his attention to detail and the outstanding service he consistently provides. His Spanish language skills are also a plus! I am so confident with his ability to find great rates that I use his services myself when I am in the market for a mortgage." Rick Huggins

"If you're looking for a Home Loan, I would highly recommend Jason's services - that's what they are - services. Jason is extremely service oriented; maintaining constant contact, excellent communication, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines and follow through are all standard for him. He goes above and beyond to take care of my clients for me and he offers a large variety of loan products that will meet the needs of anyone looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage."

Jayme Phibbs - Realtor