Ruben Chavez

Branch Manager    

NMLS: 956989   

 "Life's not meant to be, it's meant to create."



Ruben has worked in all facets of the financial industry, from financial advisor at the prestigious USAA, to owning his own insurance agency. 

In all, he’s found that almost all financial transactions; buying a car, starting new investments, buying a house; can at times can be a very scary decision.  And of all big decisions, it’s said that buying a home is the most overwhelming of them all. 

In a time where human interaction and customer service seem to be a part of the past, Ruben’s taken full responsibility for ensuring that his customers get taken care of.  It’s important for him to meet with his customers, answer all questions and truly be the professional that every customer deserves.  

The mortgage process can be a tough process.  It can also be a very document intensive process.  It most certainly is a very complicated mathematical process.  It only makes sense to work with someone who will offer you their best.  Someone who will re-earn your business every time you talk. 

After 5 minutes with him, you’ll come to find out that, that someone is most definitely Ruben Chavez.

Geneva Financial, LLC Arizona Home Loans

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Client Comments for Ruben Chavez

"Working with Ruben was amazing!   It was our second home loan and I was nervous knowing so many changes had been made to borrow money.  He took the time each and every time, to stop and explain the process and kept us up with every single step of the way.  Thanks so much! We LOVE our new home." Gerald