UPDATES in the Bathroom

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Making affordable Bathroom Updates on a limited budget is easy. Choose your top few and get started. 

1. The easiest is to replace and update your bath cabinet hardware and accessories.  Make sure you measure the distance between the screws holding your pulls on before you go shopping.  All of the local home stores have a nice selection.  

2. The second idea would be to update and replace your bath faucets, shower heads and hand showers and your spigots on the sinks. This may be technically challenging, but you can find some DIY videos on Youtube. 

3. Third on the list is you light fixtures throughout the bath area. Do them all and chose from a family of fixtures. You have over the sink lights, main room lights, over the shower lights and lights over the potty.  Make sure you check as some of your lights are lights/exhaust fans.

4. Here is the easy one, IF you know what you want to do. Paint the walls and trim.  Always remember to sand the trim lightly so your paint will adhere to it.  Sometimes you will not know if you are painting on top of oil paint or on top of acrylic, so the best on the trim is to lightly sand it.  Chances are great your walls are latex paint already. Depending on the color, you may have to prime first.

5. If you did not replace your exhaust fans when you did the lights... that would be the next on this list.

6. Cabinets are the next area you may want to tackle. You can sand existing cabinets and paint them or restain them as needed.  You can actually replace doors to a newer design and not spend that much money. Use your bases, measure and give a try to finding new doors. One easy affordable way with beautiful work is http://www.amishcabinetdoors.com/   They do incredible work for an affordable price.

7. The last obvious thing is to update your toilet.  There are quite a few new designs out there with new functions as well.  You can find built in seats for the little ones all part of the design, as well as toilets that will flush a bucket of golf balls.  Humm, wonder if they make one that flushes Cabbage Patch Dolls?  Could have used that years ago.