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Jaclyn Dawson Pressley

Loan Officer

Jaclyn Pressley,  grew up in Delaware County, Pa. and moved to Florida 7 years ago. Jaclyn spent 8 years in the Army, so anything that helps our veterans are near and dear to her heart. Jaclyn loves doing anything she can to support our veterans, from volunteering to raising money. After leaving the Army, she then went into banking and stayed for 15 years. Starting as a teller working her way up into management. While Jaclyn worked at the bank, she did everything, from opening accounts, setting up savings and retirement plans, and loans. Working in banking for so long, has made her very diverse in all areas of finance, as being in management she was responsible to help her clients with their overall financial well-being.  Finally, she decided to make the transition to be just a Mortgage Loan Originator, licensed in Florida and Pennsylvania and could not be happier. She is excited to start her next step in her career with Geneva.