Our Mortgage Team

Our Mortgage Team

"The asset is in your house, your lender is in your backyard."

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Our Mortgage Team


Louis Baca

Branch Manager/Loan Officer

 NMLS: 196378   DFW Metroplex

 Serving you in:   Alabama - Arizona -Arkansas -California -Colorado - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Louisiana - Minnesota - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - New Jersey -   New Mexico - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Washington


Bruce Lam

Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant

  NMLS: 1104929    DFW Metroplex

 Serving you in:  Texas - Illinois

James Pagan

Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant

    NMLS: 1377706      DFW Metroplex

 Serving you in: 


Maurice Tillman

Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant

    NMLS: 1484050     DFW and Houston Metroplex

 Serving you in: 

Texas - South Carolina

Brian Miller

Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant

NMLS: 1692997

Colorado MLO# 100509692

Serving you in: 



Our mission is to help the homeless, promote homeownership, and guide people down a path of owning their home debt-free!

Client Comments and Feedback Our Mortgage Team

Brian Miller has a unique way of communication. The entire loan process was a breeze and I learned more about mortgages than I ever had in my first 4 loans.  My family truly thanks you for the experience.  I highly recommend Brian to anyone considering a home loan.    ~ Jeff A.

"After talking with a different lender and being turned down, I was about to give up when my friend referred me to Louis Baca. He helped me to understand what was affecting my credit score and after two months, my score was high enough to buy my first home!" - Cheryl B

"I just closed on my 4th loan with Louis! He knows what he's doing and is good at it!" Richard C.

"Louis educated us on what we would need to document for our loan to be approved. We found our first home and everything happened just as he said it would!" - Jeremy M.

Mortgages 101 was our experience!  Brian took his time with us and explained the process step by step.  This was our first mortgage and Brian took the stress out of the equation.  Thank you.~ Donna G.

"Thank you, Louis Baca! If you didn't inform us about buying a house we would still be renting right now!" - Matt and Cindy H.

Our Mortgage Team - In Your Backyard.