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Nathan Garcia

Loan Officer - NMLS: 1657958  Harrisway, Tempe AZ



Nathan Garcia was born and raised in N.E. Mesa, Arizona. After graduating high school, he displayed his ambition by becoming the youngest table games dealer in Arizona. Excelling in his field Nathan quickly found himself in Casino management.

Passionate about working with others, Nathan decided his skills of customer service, reliability and integrity could be put to a better use.

Now Nathan assists young families and other community members with what is often the biggest purchase of their lives.

In his free time Nathan loves spending quality time with his wife Emma and two daughters Karlie and Alana. Nathan also enjoys the outdoors, hiking and archery.

Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting things one can do and Nathan is committed to giving exceptional guest service and a positive experience ensuring a quick and smooth process.    


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