Michael Miget

     Branch Manager St Louis       

NMLS: 205402


Geneva Financial, LLC. - St. Louis, Missouri


Michael Miget is a Sr. Mortgage Banker and the Branch Manager for Geneva Financial – St. Louis. 

He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and is the creator of the “Better Home Financing” system and methodology.  He has spent his 26 year career growing his expertise in the mortgage, real estate and financial fields and has made it his mission to help and work with other real estate professionals and their clients during the homebuying process. 

Michael specializes in developing personalized home financing solutions designed to optimize the client’s financial needs.  This includes strategies that minimize down payments while avoiding PMI and strategies that cut the mortgage term in ½ (or more), resulting in what he calls “Early Mortgage Payoff”.  This is not only available to homebuyers – it’s also applicable to clients refinancing their existing mortgage (and cash-out) as well. 

Ask him about “Better Home Financing”, it’s a better way to finance your home.