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Our Mortgage Team | Licensed in 29 States

Branch Manager DFW Metroplex

NMLS: 196378

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Louis Baca believes in doing things right the first time, which includes writing his own bio. Although he doesn't typically speak in the third person, it was highly recommended by all the reputable bio-writing critics out there. Louis takes pride in being someone open to sound and proven advice and as a result, it is here he writes about himself. 

Since 2005, Louis spent well over 25,000 hours to become an expert in mortgage finance, which is what makes him capable and qualified to help you decide what options are available for your home financing needs. 

Each day, he is in the trenches helping people just like you to take a closer look at their situation and draws from his decade-plus experience to provide guidance throughout the process. If you're lucky enough to find a loan officer like Louis, following his stress-free methods will ensure you have a great experience from beginning to end! 

If asked to offer a bit of advice to someone that is unfamiliar with financing real estate, he would tell them to not overthink it and to just get started! The start of any journey begins with the first step and in this case, it is filling out the quick online application.

It's not necessarily a matter of IF you can get qualified, more of a matter of WHEN you can get qualified. Louis wants you to know that he will help you every step of the way.

Oh, and Louis wants to mention that he is Licensed in 28 states so check out his map to see if he can help you where you live! Connect with him on his Facebook page, LinkedIn, or Instagram! You'll mostly see pictures of his beautiful wife and cute kids.

Louis Baca serves you in these states: Alabama - Arizona - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Louisiana - Minnesota - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - New Jersey -   New Mexico - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Washington

Louis resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and four kids.  

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Client Comments:   

"Louis educated us on what we would need to document for our loan to be approved. We found our first home and everything happened just as he said it would!" - Jeremy M.

"Thank you, Louis! If you didn't inform us about buying a house we would still be renting right now!" - Matt and Cindy H.

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"I just closed on my 4th loan with Louis! He knows what he's doing and is good at it!" Richard C.


"After talking with a different lender and being turned down, I was about to give up when my friend referred me to Louis Baca. He helped me to understand what was affecting my credit score and after two months, my score was high enough to buy my first home!" - Cheryl B.