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Finding the lowest mortgage interest rates is only one factor to be considered when shopping for a home loan. Other considerations, such as closing costs and the type of mortgage, will affect your overall costs as well.

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Branch Address:

454 East 380 North

Lindon, UT 84042

Branch Manager

Scott Crocket

NMLS# 217783

Branch Line: 801-361-6000

Licensed in: Utah (UT)


Meet Our Team

Scott Crocket NMLS# 217783

Scott Crocket NMLS# 217783

Mary Ann Ahlstrom NMLS# 218016

Mary Ann Ahlstrom NMLS# 218016

About Us

Lindon holds a past that is rich with history; it dates back to Settlers in covered wagons or horse back dreaming of land, a homestead, economic freedom and a place to raise their family.  Originally settled in 1861, the pioneers sought the grazing land. Originally Lindon was named 'String Town' after the houses that were strung up and down the streets between the nearby towns of Orem and Pleasant Grove. 

Team Lindon wants to help you with your journey to that home you have dreamed of. 

They take service seriously with their goal to take you on the smoothest path as they can to find the best lender to meet your needs. They want this experience to be a positive one as you make these decisions on a home purchase or refinance.

Geneva Financial's dedicated professionals will make sure this happens. From our local team members to our Corporate, we have years of experience paving the way. 

What Our Clients Say

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“Extremely Professional”

Mr. Matarrazo is extremely professional and attentive to his customers. Thank you James!