Dare to Dream

Sometimes we get so bogged down in day-to-day stress and routines that we forget to think about our hopes and dreams.  

I know I’m guilty of this as I get engulfed in the chores of the day.  The daily grind will always be there, but our yearnings for something more or something different, or something uniquely special can fade and disappear into the “land of never-gonna-happen.”

  • Some say writing a list, or creating a picture board, or even reciting words like a mantra can keep those dreams alive.  
  • Some say by believing and saying things enough times out loud, our subconscious will make the dream come true because we find a way to make it happen.
  • Sometimes our dreams change and what was important and desired once in our lives becomes less important as new more immediate aspirations supersede them. 

Of course, as age advances on us, time has its impact on our ambitions in life.  We can realize that maybe those dreams might need to be saved for another lifetime (if we should be so lucky), or maybe we need to get to work quickly on a “bucket list” while there is still time.
I don’t know what is true, but I do feel a little moment of peace in a place of solitude is essential daily to try to fine-tune those dreams and to remember the biggest question, WHY - what is this all for?  

All I know is to make this journey we call life worthwhile, we for sure, should DARE TO DREAM.

One dream may be home ownership, and that may be more attainable than you realize.   I’d love to help you find out, contact me today to get pre-approved for a home loan.

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 Stella Croxon

Stella Croxon

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