The Story of Melody – A Puppy Mill Survivor

This is the story of Gabrielle and her new little dog, Melody. 

Gabrielle wanted to adopt a companion for her Yorkie, “Noodle” and so we started visiting shelters to seek out a Yorkie in-need. Personally, my dogs have always been rescues, but this was my first time coming face-to-face with the horrendous results of the puppy mill industry.

Little Sydney (who Gabrielle re-named Melody) is approximately 9 years old and was rescued by St Bonnie's Sanctuary form a notorious puppy mill. The amazing staff at St Bonnie’s had given Sydney her name, as she had never had one.  She had just spent her entire life as a puppy producing machine!   St Bonnie’s also provided her with much needed veterinary and dental care, had her spayed and microchipped and then began the search for a safe and loving home.   If she didn’t get adopted, they would keep her forever, so she would never be in danger again.

The Life of a puppy mill dog

I started to research online just what breeding-dogs go through during their lives in these puppy factories?

  1. Many times, they are kept in wire cages, sometimes stacked up on top of each other.  The dogs are only taken out to be mated, or for the cage to be hosed down.
  2. Food is sometimes not even given on plates, but just thrown in the cage, and they never feel comfort or human contact except when their puppies are torn away from them at far too young an age.

This cycle continues until the dog can no longer produce young, and then the dog’s life is ended….    As these places have no concern for the welfare or health of the breeding parents, many times, the puppies are ill, and the buyer ends up with a very sick little dog.

Melody – Rescued and living a beautiful new life

When sweet little Melody came to live with Gabrielle on March 6th this year, she was still so jumpy and scared of everything and the hair that should be growing on her nose was gone (probably from rubbing on the cage).

So how is Little Melody doing today, after almost two months in her forever home?  Well it’s great news - each day she does better and gets a little braver.   She adores her new little brother, Noodle and snuggles with him at bedtime (sleeping safely with him next to Gabrielle).   Little Melody loves to be silly as she wriggles upside down, rubbing her back into her plush dog bed and soft blankets.

 HAPPY AT LAST- Melody with Gabrielle and Noodle.

HAPPY AT LAST- Melody with Gabrielle and Noodle.

 Happy Ending for Melody, Safe in her forever arms. 

Happy Ending for Melody, Safe in her forever arms. 

She enjoys her freedom (no more cages) as she runs in the backyard and she is blissfully happy as she takes leisurely afternoon naps in the sun. She is starting to grow fresh new tufts of fur on the top of her nose and she sometimes offers her paw in friendship. But, she still sometimes panics if she is picked up, and giving or receiving kisses is completely out of the question for her as she sometimes pulls away in fear at any human contact that gets too close, but we take it one day at a time. She prefers to be hand-fed, as eating from a dish is still too strange for her. 

She runs to Gabrielle when she sees her and jumps on her hind legs in excitement.  She is happiest when she is snuggled in her arms… truly safe and truly loved …. At last!  She has found her forever home and will now know nothing but love.

Please remember that those incredible teacup puppies you see online may well come from a puppy mill and the cost is not the dollars you pay to adopt them; the ultimate cost is the life-long hardship and suffering for their parents.   If you are going to buy a dog from a breeder, demand to meet the parents and see the puppies interacting with the parents.   Any reputable breeder will be proud to have you meet the puppy’s mom and dad.  If they won’t then that’s a huge red flag and chances are you’re going to be buying your new dog from a puppy mill and those big bucks you pay are supporting terrible cruelty.

Do the best thing – get a rescue dog.   Go to your local shelter or seek out a rescue organization like St Bonnie's Sanctuary.

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