How I learned that a re-roof project is a dirty business…. Especially for the attic!

Last year I learned the hard way just how trashed an attic can be by a new roof installation.   I don’t know if I got extra unlucky or if this is typical, but the entire attic, ductwork and furnace were completely covered with roofing debris, dust, and even ash from the recent brush fires.  It was a disgusting and possibly toxic mess.

The scary part is that for several days, I wasn’t even aware how bad it was, as the roof job was complete, and the contractors were gone.   Fortunately, a previously scheduled HVAC maintenance appointment required the technician to be in the attic and he informed me.  He said that he’d never seen an attic so messed up after a roofing job before, which is a pretty scary thought, as he works in attics every day.

There were also now major health and safety concerns over the fire hazard from all that tinder-dry debris and shingles, and the toxicity from all the ash that we were being exposed to through the a/c vents.

So, before you re-roof here are my recommendations:

If you are considering a new roof, I highly recommend that you seek out a way to protect your attic from the roofers.  I did some research online and found this company and it looks like might be a good option   It’s too late for my home, but maybe it’s a good place to start for you before you hire a roofing contractor.  Or maybe you can tell your contractor that you require them to provide a service like this in your attic, and while they’re doing so, how about they protect the garage interior too?

So, what did I do next?

Well I had to hire an attic cleaning and insulation company.   I got some bids and ultimately, I chose Atticare   They provided a detailed inspection for me, with photos and recommendations, and because they were very concerned about the fire hazard, they arranged a next-day appointment.

Erik and his wonderful crew arrived on time and after covering my garage walls and floor with protective plastic, they began the task of clearing all the dirt, debris, and old insulation out of every inch of the attic.   They used two heavy-duty vacuums with industrial sized tubes and it took many hours. 

Once that was done, they covered and sealed all access points for birds or other critters and put a safety cover over a recessed light fixture and re-sealed a/c ducting that had been damaged by falling roof materials.  After that they sanitized the entire attic with animal repellent and Clorox.   Then Erik performed a thorough inspection of my attic and even the walls in my garage to make sure nothing was missed.

The final step was the installation of the brand-new insulation.

Each step of the way Erik provided me updated photos, while he brilliantly managed the entire project and worked with the crew. 

So now I have a new roof, a clean and safe attic and new insulation…. But I wish someone had warned me first just how bad it was going to get…. I hope this helps you have a better experience with your new roof project.

Stella G. Croxon  (NMLS #238972)  Senior Loan Officer/Branch Manager