Putting Down Roots


Life in sunny California... what a beautiful concept!  Many people moving to California do not have a true concept of life here in this beautiful state to examine the many regions. Where would you put in your roots?

  • Some people coming west might be those seeking to be in the direction of LA and Hollywood. They really miss out on the local beauty and treasures while honing their acting skills. 
  • Another group of folks might be interested in the winery region and starting something "grapeful" living and growing grapes. 
  • The third might be those people drawn north to San Francisco and the beauty surrounding that magnificent city and its free lifestyle.  There with San Fran... some are drawn to the very northern part of California, seeking more solitude with the lush regions of Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.
  • Fourth would be the coastal area of SoCal... where there is something for everyone from beaches to fashion to relaxed living 24 hours a day. This area runs from LA down to San Diego.

I  know I am partial...but I think life begins in the Valley. San Fernando Valley to be exact.   To quote DAVID McANINCH, "If coastal Los Angeles is where people strive and achieve, the Valley is where they put down roots and live." Read more here. 

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