The Urban Coyote

Urban Coyotes are closer and bolder than you might think.

I live in a suburb of Los Angeles County, not close to any wilderness or hillsides, but the coyotes are increasingly showing up in my neighborhood.  It used to be that they would sneak out at night and a sighting would be rare, but frequently now, a lone coyote or sometimes a pack of 2 or 3 are being spotted casually walking down a residential street late into the morning.  

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How I learned that a re-roof project is a dirty business…. Especially for the attic!

Last year I learned the hard way just how trashed an attic can be by a new roof installation.   I don’t know if I got extra unlucky or if this is typical, but the entire attic, ductwork and furnace were completely covered with roofing debris, dust, and even ash from the recent brush fires.  It was a disgusting and possibly toxic mess.

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