Lawrence Huang

Sr. Mortgage Officer New Lenox Team

New Lenox, Illinois

NMLS: 1513818


Lawrence Huang graduated from South China Teachers' University with a B.A. and from Armstrong College with an M.B.A.

Lawrence started serving both countries, China and the U.S., when he just threw his graduation cap in China, by participating in the First Sino-U.S. major turn-key project. His company built the first Aluminum Plant in China with U.S. equipment and technology.

After he obtained his M.B.A. in China, he managed the first iron cast imports from China to help the U.S. manufacture. Then he assisted Argonne Lab to promote the U.S. technology for environmental protection to the Chinese government.

Now Lawrence serves the Chicago communities in life insurance, health insurance, financial planning, and mortgage loans.

Lawrence has two daughters, with the elder one practicing violin professionally, and the second a life coach for physical and mental health.

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