Kiesha McFadden

Loan Officer -  NMLS: 198458



Kiesha has been a mortgage professional for over 14 years. Her passion in life has always been, to help others. What better way, than helping people achieve the American dream of home ownership. As someone who’s seen the ups and downs of the mortgage industry, Kiesha understands the importance of communication, knowledge, customer service and time management. As the market continues to grow, she’d like to share what separates her from the average loan originator. Back in 2009 when the market crashed, many people left the business. She didn't, Kiesha found a way to survive and be resilient through those tough times, and she continues and fight, to make sure every single one of her clients, close with confidence. She has built and extraordinary referral base of both clients and realtors. She understands your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. With that said, she is committed to making sure your experience with her is nothing short of EXCELLENT.
Over the last 4 years she has been a member of NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers) and the Arizona Association of Mortgage professionals. She currently sits on the State board of the Association, and is your current Central Chapter President. Being a part of the Association is something that is very important to her. This means she has earned the right to bear the Lending integrity Seal of Approval. Meaning she has met the Association’s high standards for ethics, integrity, professionalism and knowledge in the mortgage industry. This seal could not be bought; It had to be earned, and her pledge to you is that she will keep earning it every day.
Now, back to her passion. Helping you the client!  Experience, Knowledge, Communication and Excellence. She looks forward to working with you.
Her motto: Changing lives, one client at time.


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