Jenni Tieu

ATX Home Lending Team | Austin-Pflugerville

Branch Manager | Sr. Loan Officer

 NMLS: 1608822

Serving Texas and going the Extra Mile!


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Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer, Jenni Tieu also co-manages the Austin/Pflugerville Branch along with Dushan Arnold. This “Dynamic Duo”, who are partners in business and in life, brings passion, hard work, and dedication to every client and to each transaction. With over 13 years in the mortgage industry, Jenni strongly believes that communication and education are crucial to the client/lender relationship. Clients are always updated, educated, and informed of every step of the loan process. This results in a less stressful and less frustrating experience for the client. So, whether you’re looking to finance a new home or refinance your existing loan, Jenni and Dushan have you covered!   


Geneva Financial, LLC - Austin, Texas  ATX Home Lending Team

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Client Reviews Geneva Financial with Dushan Arnold and Jenni Tieu

Loved how Dushan and Jenni updated you throughout the process! - Realtor Sandra Boza

Jenni and Dushan are on top of their game!! 
Looking for a home is stressful enough but finding a mortgage lender was the hard part. In comes Jenni and Dushan. With help and guidance from Jenni and Dushan, (and extreme patience), my husband and I closed on our first home with confidence that we have someone in our corner. We will definitely be referring their expertise to all our family and friends and will always rave about how personable and available they are to their clients!!!! Noy V.

Jenni and Dushan are amazing! They are extremely communicative, are available any time you need anything, and they work hard to make sure your loan closes as soon as possible. Due to their hard work, they were able to close our loan in under 30 days, 3 weeks before our closing date! They even pushed our closing up and got us closed 2 weeks early! I highly recommend this amazing team. Alexandra B.

My wife and I wanted to refinance our home to reduce our monthly mortgage payment. Being new to all this Dushan and Jenni were above exceptional in explaining everything we needed to know. They were always available with any questions we had and responded in a timely manner. They made the whole process smooth and easy to follow. They went out of their way working extra hard with a limited time frame to get our home refinanced before my wife and I went on our vacation. We are very pleased with the results. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to refinance their home. Ben G

My husband and I decided in November 2017 to relocate to Texas to finish our working careers and be closer to our daughter and her family. This was no easy task since we lived in Southeast Iowa. We did find the perfect home it was within walking distance of our daughter and her family. Dushan and Jenni made our dream come true by taking charge of our financial needs we will continue to work with Jenni and Dushan on our future financial needs. We successfully moved in to our house in April 2018. Sandy P

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Dushan and Jenni are amazing!!!! From being available at the drop of a hat, to making sure both my clients and I had all the information, time and dates we needed. They were brought in a little late on a new home deal but didn’t stop them from having everything done and ready before our close date!!! Looking forward to working with them again in the near future! Thanks!!!! - Missti Polluck - Starlight Homes

I don't have enough words to describe how positive of an experience that we had with Jenni Tieu and Dushan Arnold! They totally accommodated our schedule and gave us all the information we needed to make it an effortless process. Anything we needed, these two were there to help and make things happen. They even drove to our house in the middle of the night to bring us documents because our printer broke. There's no other lender that I know of that would've given that much of their time to us to get things done. In the end we got approved and are homeowners now and owe it all to Jenni and Dushan. If you want a team that really works for you and has your best interests in mind, these two are the ones you want going to bat for you! Thank you Jenni and Dushan, from new home owners Scott and Alex.Scott C

We are in Dallas and the process was seamless! Every step we got an email or even a video to make sure we didn't miss anything. Dushan and Jenni were friendly and informative. We refinanced so that we can buy a second home. We closed today and we are already working on our pre-approval for our second home! Easiest process ever! Blain B

Jenni and Dushan are the best!! I don't know of any mortgage loan officers more committed to my client's success. Happy to be team mates with them! Realtor Darin Chaffin

Dushan and Jenni are on the ball! They communicated with me the entire time. At no time was I left to wonder what was going on or where we were in the process. This is huge to a Realtor! I appreciated their attentiveness to detail and to the needs of the buyers. It was a real treat to meet them at closing! - Realtor Kay Rollins

These guys are definitely the best at what they do. We were up Against All Odds until we met them and few months later we were able to finally get our Dream Home we cannot express enough in words how we truly feel, whoever uses them will surely find out for themselves that they will go through extremes to get the job done and have people in their homes before they know it, love you guys always. Ricky V.

Thank you to Jenni Tieu for taking the time to provide me with her expert knowledge on VA loans! My questions & concerns were answered and I definitely plan on utilizing her services once I get ready to sell/buy. Also, because VA loans are a bit more complex and is what most active duty military members, retired and veterans like myself utilize, it was reassuring to know how much knowledge Jenni was able to provide me. Thank you!

I can’t write enough about wonderful it was to recently secure our new rental with Jenni and Dushan. Our investment company heard about the team through our realtor partner and from the time we applied via their website to signing the closing documents, it was a smooth process from end to end. They updated us through every step of the way from the documentation they required, to the various stages of the approval process, and to accompanying us to the closing. Their online portal was convenient; their emailed educational videos revealed a very transparent process behind the curtains and their consistent email communication and replies were impeccable. It took 2 weeks from beginning to end and now we have a beautiful rental in a great family community. Great job guys! Jacqueline W.