The History of it All ...

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I started originating mortgage loans in 1995. Prior to originating loans, I had worked as a farmer, Major Account rep for Sprint, Danka Business systems, Canon USA, Dillard’s, Macy’s, and was a musician. I am a lifelong fan of education. 

There is always something new to learn. My way of working with customers is simple.  Treat people the way we all want to be treated.  No is no and yes is yes. There are so many land mines within the guidelines of lending today you need an expert. I cannot tell you the number of times people have loans fall out and then call me to save the day. In our world today, lying seems to be considered selling.  I think this new development is nonsense. I do not sell.  I help borrowers explore all options, listen to what they want to do, and then make recommendations based on twenty plus years of experience. There is no wrong answer, only truth.  What borrowers plan to do with that truth is up to them. My goals are simple.  Help each customer if possible, one deal at a time.  That is why I get so many referrals.  I care.  People matter.  Moving trucks, end of lease, children, new school districts, and the largest investment in your life should not be chaos. Helping customers regardless of personal profit is a way of life.  Sometimes guidance is needed to fix errors, so a customer may buy a home. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Therefore, I will do all I am able to help people today. It truly is a short life.

I grew up the child of a military family.  I have lived in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Tennessee. The lessons learned throughout my life have never changed my core.  That is, I want to help if I am able. I have been married for twenty-three years to my wife.  We have two children and a special needs dog. When the chores are done, music and family are my passion.

I spend time doing my best to assist and help if possible the Autism Society of East Tennessee. I also frequent ASK the Autism Site Knoxville. I am a member of Temple Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN.

Jeffrey Hoge  Branch Manager Knoxville, TN  

Geneva Financial, LLC