Jeff Mattson

Sr. Mortgage Consultant

NMLS: 240090


Geneva Financial, LLC. - Virginia and California


Jeff Mattson has been helping borrowers purchase and refinance for over 20 years. He has managed offices as well as been a Mortgage Consultant helping hundreds of clients over his career. 

Jeff's number one priority is listening to his borrower’s to find out their needs and customize a mortgage plan for now and for the future.  People’s situations change and it is very important to have a mortgage that is right for their current and future financial goals.  For example, if a homeowner is nearly certain they will be moving to another state in the next five years an initial fixed rate adjustable loan with a lower rate may make more sense than a higher rate 30 year fixed.  Jeff offers suggestions based on the answers he receives and has a long discussion going over the pros and cons off all of their loan options. 

"I receive a lot of positive feedback and referrals for using a more consultative approach to my borrowers.  I look forward to helping you reach your financial goals with the right mortgage product for you.  Thank you for your trust and support." Jeff Mattson