James Pagan

Our Mortgage Team | Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas

Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant

NMLS: 1377706


Geneva Financial, LLC.  -  Dallas, Ft Worth, Texas


James has had firsthand experience with Credit Reports since 1984 but never really took it to the next level until around 2004. In 2004 he began to have more concentrated efforts to credit and credit reporting because of his involvement in loan origination. James received an FCRA Certification from the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) in 2008. In 2011, he took the FICO National Certification program: The Certified FICO® Professional (FICO Pro). This program is designed to recognize individuals who have a strong understanding of FICO® scores and how the FICO® score impacts both the lender and the consumer.

James has invested thousands in continuing education and has also received numerous certifications from attending Credit Boot camps throughout the nation since late 2008; he’s been considered a Lifer of Boot Camp attendances. In 2011 once again, James took it to the highest next level with recognized industry expert, John Ulzheimer, by attending ALL of his private inner circle Credit Expert Witnesses Certification programs and by attending ALL of his Credit Expert Summit seminars and forever keeping in line with his belief of continuing education, he continues to attend other Credit Boot camps/ seminars, and Credit-Cons, throughout the nation. 

How does James manage to deliver every time? 

Candor and Expert Knowledge is how James operates. Consistently delivering as scheduled; he has managed to build a solid network of referral and repeat business over the years. As a Credit Expert, Certified FICO Professional and Licensed Loan Originator, James’ primary focus is not only to provide expert credit strategies but also direction for clients short term and long terms goals. He handles the initial consultation and strategy and manages the loan to a successful close. James’ greatest joy in the business is talking to his clients and getting to know them, their friends and family, year after year, and watching how they prosper and flourish by implementing sound financial strategies. He cares and is here to help clients during the loan transaction and long after closing. As their needs and goals change, he is here to help.

“I’m very passionate about credit and mortgages, and I appreciate time and money, so I promise not to waste any of yours.” 

Feel free to contact me anytime for a free credit report evaluation and or loan consultation before applying for a mortgage loan. Get the FACTS from an Expert. I look forward to helping you, your family and friends.