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Using HomeSelect by Geneva Financial, the nation’s first offset mortgage, you can lower your loan’s principal faster and in doing so, save tens of thousands of dollars in valuable interest. Best of all, HomeSelect provides flexible access to your home’s equity dollars for thirty years without forcing you to refinance. It’s flexible, easy to use and will change the way you think about mortgages and your money.

Product Benefits

Product Benefits

  • This offset mortgage is a home loan that works like a fully secured checking account and allows borrowers the freedom to use their regular income to reduce their exposure to expensive mortgage interest.

  • All deposits are applied directly to loan principal, offsetting the outstanding daily balance in which interest is computed.

  • Access to deposited funds is provided 24/7 through ATM debit cards, check writing, online bill-pay and ACH transferring.

  • Home financing and personal banking combined into one fluid offset account.

  • Designed for new home purchases and mortgage refinances.

  • Available for Primary, Secondary and Non-Owner occupied homes.

  • HomeSelect by Geneva Financial is a 30-year loan and provides access to home equity dollars through its banking features without forcing the borrower to refinance.

  • Requires good credit and is most suitable for cash-flow positive households.

  • Borrowers can pay-off their homes sooner, build equity faster and free-up money that can be used to build wealth.


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