Wayfair Item of the Week: Swing Away


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If you read our piece about the 7 Elements of Porch and Patio Design, you may already be thinking about a place to put a swing or hanging day bed.

Great for small or large spaces the John’s Islander Porch Swing makes a great central piece to create the rest of your space around. Liven it up with some colorful throw pillows, add individual foot stools and you’ve got the perfect spot to read the morning paper or curl up with a great book in the afternoon.


The John’s Islander Porch Swing, sold by Wayfair, is a fun addition to any outdoor space.

With a 5 star rating from buyers on Wayfair and a fun design to compliment any outdoor space, we just had to choose the John’s Islander for Wayfair Item of the Week in our Porch and Patio issue!

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