Wayfair Item of the Week: Island Escape

Wayfair Item of the Week - island escape

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Whether you’re big city living in a small space or your life just can’t handle a renovation right now, you may find yourself less than excited about your island-less kitchen.

It may not be the glorious kitchen island you were dreaming of, but our Wayfair Item of the Week can make your culinary cubby a little more bearable with its versatility, function and convenient storage.


The Cambridge Kitchen Island with Granite Top by Three Posts, sold by Wayfair, is a handy addition to a kitchen that is lacking.

Great for entertaining, the Cambridge Kitchen Island from Three Posts has clever storage features built-in to this beautiful piece will help you prepare culinary delights with ease. The base and granite top both have design options to fit virtually any home.

With a 4.2 star rating from buyers on Wayfair and a reasonable price, we couldn’t resist this choice for Wayfair Item of the Week in our Kitchen Week issue!

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