Create the perfect reading nook!


Fall is here. This means curling up with a good book by your window, watching the leaves fall or warming up by the fire. Better Homes & Gardens shows us how to style a nook for reading chairs! An accent chair can be the perfect addition to any room, and easily create your new favorite reading spot!

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By the Fire

Tis the season for a loud crackling fire! Regardless of what kind of fireplace you have, adorn it by creating a corner with the perfect accent chair. Pair your new chair with a fuzzy knit blanket, and throw pillow to tie in the rest of the room! Nothing like curling up with a good book by the fire!

**Create an outdoor reading space by your firepit (like this one HERE ) and enjoy the crisp fall weather!


In the bedroom

Cozy up your bedroom with a gorgeous accent chair. Place it by a window to allow natural light to flow through and splash across the pages of your current novel. Again pair it with a cozy blanket and accent pillow for a splash of color.


Children’s Corner

Rocking chairs make for the perfect reading chair in a child’s bedroom. Rock them to sleep, or read them a nighttime story! The perfect chair can really bring your child’s room together and add the perfect touch!


In the Office

If you work from home, be sure to create a corner or space where you can place an additional chair. We recommend something comfy, or brightly colored. When the day gets busy, you can take a few moments to yourself to sit her, unwind, and refocus!


In the Library

Whether you have an actual library, den, or space dedicated to books this is the perfect space for a reading chair. Pick something bold, or totally your taste to create an inviting space to read. Choose patterns or textiles that will make it easy for you to get lost in the pages!