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Several factors can affect your ability to get low mortgage rates. Credit score, down payment, the home you want to buy or refinance, the length of the loan, how much you borrow, and even when and where you're borrowing can all have an impact on what sort of home loan interest rates you can obtain.

Finding the lowest mortgage interest rates is only one factor to be considered when shopping for a home loan. Other considerations, such as closing costs and the type of mortgage, will affect your overall costs as well.

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300 S. Pine Island Rd #308

Plantation, FL 33324

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James Matarazzo

NMLS# 990458

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Licensed in: Florida (FL), Georgia (GA)


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James Matarazzo NMLS# 990458

James Matarazzo NMLS# 990458

What Our Clients Say

“Extremely Professional”

Mr. Matarrazo is extremely professional and attentive to his customers. Thank you James!

“Simply and Effective”

Yaniv helped my family reach our goal of finally owning a home! We had so many odds against us, time constraints and lower credit score being among them! However, Yaniv was patient and diligent and there are sincerely not enough positive words I could use to describe my experience with Yaniv and his team!! There is no doubt that I will refer every friend I know in search of a mortgage. He made the process so simple and was so efficient.. I honestly have no idea how we could've ever done it had we worked with someone else!!