Dennis Wyatt

Nashville Branch | Nashville, Tennessee

Senior Loan Officer 

NMLS: 295487  TN: 115327


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Geneva Financial, LLC - Nashville Branch - Nashville, Tennessee


Vision Statement

Dennis Wyatt has over 17 years in the mortgage industry …considers himself successful when he delights and surprises his clients and earns their loyalty. Dennis is passionate about excellence and striving to deliver exemplary service, respect, consideration, equity and integrity. Dennis welcomes the diversity and ideals of people, cultures and beliefs. He supports and recognizes the communities that uphold his livelihood. Dennis is committed to lead by example in his words, deeds and actions. "I am committed to deliver the finest Mortgages Services available anywhere to everyone, I engage!" Dennis Wyatt

Core Values

  • Commitment

  • Professionalism

  • Absolute Honesty and Integrity

  • Respect for each Individual

  • Education and Technology

Mission Statement

  • To visualize the end results at the beginning of the journey.

  • To apply the ideals I am committed to and be accountable to those I engage each step of the way with the highest standard of ethics, values and an unwavering commitment to client care.

  • To nurture trust and relationships with First Time Home-Buyers or seasoned Home Buyers, who (will/have) become lifelong clients and most importantly, valued friends!

  • To never lose sight of the trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by each and every client and place the interests of my clients before those of my own.

  • To achieve the happiness and earn the regard of my clients, while giving back to the Communities’ that I serve!

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Client Feedback

Dennis is a knowledgeable and experienced loan officer. He has the ability to make a complicated and confusing process seem simple and easy to understand. If that weren’t enough, he is also amazingly patient. I highly recommend his services.

Laura P.

Dennis is an honest and trustworthy lender. He is persistent and can get even the most difficult loans done! He is a great communicator and keeps everyone in the loop, such as Realtors like myself! It is rare to find a lender who will personally deliver documents to their clients when needed and will take the time to explain the loan process to his clients.



Dennis is a wonderful mortgage broker who recently helped us secure our mortgage for our new home. He was absolutely tire less in his efforts with respect to every aspect of the loan process. He answered every question quickly and was available outside of normal business hours and days. Even more importantly, he was kind and professional during this very stressful process.

Jennifer S.

Dennis Wyatt is a wonderful mortgage broker. He was extremely helpful and explained the process in a way that made the whole experience seem less daunting. He worked with me to get my information in order effectively and kept me informed of the status of my loan throughout the entire process.

If you are considering applying for a mortgage loan. I would highly recommend Dennis Wyatt. His entire team was/is awesome.