Debbie MacRae

Senior Loan Originator

West Coast Lending Team

NMLS: 247210


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Deborah MacRae is funding mortgage loans for diverse buyers. Specialty mortgage loans

for the self-employed buyer needing knowledge on what our investors products need to close your loan. Deborah’s experience in closing her client’s loan spans thru out the state of California. She has worked with CPA’s, Probate and Divorce scenarios requiring a mortgage lender with her knowledge.

Deborah’s 20+ years of lending in our economic diversity of mortgages and changes has extended unto her clients from first to second generations in her community of Riverside County.

Specialty lending skills for Veterans, both active and inactive service members. Deborah is one of the very few to research the first time VA borrower grant. Grant program in conjunction to the VA mortgage loan can be helpful, so contact Deborah if you want to learn more. If you are a spouse of deceased military personnel, contact Deborah so she can explain how you might be eligible to use the VA Mortgage benefit for widows.

Many hours contributed to children’s events alto the organization, grandparents raising grandkids is dear to her heart. Finding out Deborah’s resources for your personal housing needs, is just a call, text or email away.



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