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"William Tuning‘s sincerity, honesty and just down to earth common sense advice helped me and my girlfriend make the right decisions.

Whenever we needed anything, a pre-approval letter to present an offer, a monthly mortgage estimate to help us decide on a price, or locking in a great rate for us late in the evening, William e-mailed it to us within crucial minutes.

A real estate purchase can be a nightmare. Not with Williams Tuning’s expertise, knowledge base, and efficiency. I have never had such a smooth transaction."


"Our home buying experience was so much better than we expected, thanks to William Tuning.  William was exceptionally motivated and took care of everything for us.  He made the mortgage process a breeze. We highly recommend that you contact William for your mortgage needs.  You will be very satisfied."

Charles & Toni Johnson

"Two coworkers entered into purchase contracts to buy new homes about the same time I did.
I’ve been in my home a month and they are both still waiting for their loans to close.

William Tuning always replied quickly to any e mails or phone messages I left him. I found him to be knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend him to everyone I know."

F. Stauffer

"William Tuning was easy to work with, organized and prompt in his responses. We let William know what we wanted for a rate with no points. He waited for the right opportunity, called us, and we completed the papers on that day locking in the lowest available rate. We appreciated William’s extensive background in the mortgage industry."

Thelma and Robert
Lacey, WA

"After struggling for months through a terrible housing market, when we finally got an offer accepted on a home. William worked tirelessly to get us closed in nine days.  William is the best friend you want when buying a home."

Thank you so much William Tuning and CU Mortgage Division.

 Daniel and Sharri Hughes

Lacey, WA


"Dear Mr. Tuning,

We would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for your help in refinancing our mortgage. It was a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and professional individual who made us feel at ease, answered all questions and upon conclusion of our meeting, we left with the feeling we had spent time with a new friend. Thank you again."


 Harold and Loretta Suter

 April 21, 2010

"I just wanted to thank you for handling Ben and Ashley’s loan process so well."

 Thank you.   Larry Miller

Real Estate Professional

Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.                   425-681-7535

lmiller@Windermere.com       www.Larry-Miller.com

"My experience working with William Tuning before, during, and after the process of finding my new home, was one of a kind.  William was always there to answer any and all of my questions, write up new pre-approvals quickly, (even on his days off), when I needed them to submit with an offer, and was always there with good sound advice. He was amazing when, to the surprise of many, he made good on his promise of having my mortgage loan process done in just a few short weeks compared to the norm. This type of service did not stop once I had signed the closing documents and had my new keys in hand; William was and still is, always available with prompt attention. I would highly recommend William……He is intelligent, professional, and very personable; attributes that are hard to find anymore. He cared about giving me his highest quality of work possible."

 Thank you William,

 T.  Buccarelli


"We had been trying to refinance our home for several years with our own credit union, and had not been successful as we didn’t think we had enough equity in our home to do so with the current economic downturn.  The staff at our credit union didn’t seem to be up on the current stipulations for refinancing.

We then contacted William Tuning at his company in Olympia.  With just one phone call we had much more information than we had been able to obtain in two years from our own credit union about refinancing.  The entire process went extremely smoothly from start to finish, and we were able to sign the final loan papers within 3 weeks from the date we first contacted William.  There were no surprises, and everything turned out perfectly.  We were able to get out of an adjustable mortgage, and our monthly payments are now about $250 less than what we were previously paying."

Thanks William for your expertise and excellent service.

Brenda & Steve

Olympia, WA

"I was a first time home buyer and inexperienced in the whole home-buying process.  Mr. William Tuning helped us find the right loan program suitable for us.  I remember asking him in our first visit for some tips since I was truly a first-time home buyer and could use the advice. He was a very valuable source of useful information throughout this home shopping process. We started looking for houses early January 2010 and by mid-April found the right house and closed less than 30 days later.

We decided to put in an offer for the house around 8pm that day. Luckily our Realtor Bo Foster from Signature Services was willing to write the offer that late. She quickly advised us to contact our loan officer Mr. William Tuning to lock in our rate.  That same evening Mr. Tuning was able to respond to us and locked in a fantastic rate that night and well after business hours.

Mr. William Tuning has great Core Values of Stewardship, Impeccability, and Customer Service giving more than 100% to help expedite home buying process.  He is also very knowledgeable and knows the laws well.  Even our Realtor which has over 15 years of experience in the Real State business was very impressed with Mr. William Tuning’s valuable source of information and great customer service.

I truly felt protected and taken care of. My needs both as a First-Time Home Buyer were met and exceeded.

Mr. Tuning has a great ability to be spot on, and it appears to me that in the Real Estate Business timing is everything.  So I was very fortunate to have Mr. Tuning along with Bo Foster and her team as key players in my home buying experience.

Thank You for taking the moment to read my story and allow me to acknowledge Mr. William Tuning for his great assets, skills and values."

Very Impressed and Satisfied,

V. Lopez