Ebe Cotton with Geneva Fi welcomes you home!

Ebe Cotton is a leading Regional Manager for Geneva Fi in Indianapolis, Indiana, with Indianapolis Metro and Team Cotton

"I specialize in realtor purchase business in the Indianapolis area. I want to once again lay claim to being the #1 originator in the Metro Indianapolis Area. With my experience as a realtor and my mortgage banking expertise I can give my real estate clients and their customers the best possible service in the industry.  I have been involved in over 5,000 real estate transactions over the past thirty five years. I have lived in Hamilton County since 1994 and have been active in a variety of youth sports, as a coach, sponsor, member of boards and  in men’s group at my church. If not helping a client or one of my realtor partners I am found playing golf or enjoying my family. Between Deb and I we have six children and three grandchildren."

Ebe and his wife, Deb Cotton, make quite a team. They serve their community in so many ways.  

Ebe Cotton, Regional Manager NMLS:150082  

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