Part Two: Updating Your Kitchen

Last post covered the first ten ideas for updating your kitchen. Today we will finish with the last ten to consider.

·      Totally open cabinets. Create a sense of space will open wall shelving. All the home stores have decorating shelves with brackets for the kitchen and your new designs.  Perfect for dishes, bowls, cups and more, these are in the new trends for kitchen design. Use a color on the wall behind the shelving to contrast in the kitchen.

·      Is there a possibility of mixing in some new things in the kitchen extend areas?  If you have an awkward cabinet/island, is there room to add a rug and chairs up near it, in a way making it like an invitation to sit at a low ‘bar’?  Go with a brightly colored/or patterned rug to bring interest to the area.  The chairs could be from a garage sale find or a used furniture store. Keep it simple and fun.

·      Your backsplash it the next area of creativity. Make it count.  Allow it to make a statement and at the same time, tie it in to something small but special in the kitchen. Be playful with your ideas. You will love it when you are done.

·      Time to bring it the past and the future to make the present.  Mix in the old and the new with added wood, an apron sink, stainless appliances, and light cabinets in white or soft off white.  Decorate areas with some of your grandmother’s handed down treasures.

·      They are back.  You can do an oak countertops or think about the new and improved butcher block counters.  Mixed in with white or light cabinets, this warms and balances a kitchen.

·      Time to look at your sink.  The latest craze is the extra-deep farm sink. Top it off old fashions spigots for handles and water… and if your sink is on a wall, put up some convenient wood shelving above it.

·      Did your mom or grandmother ever have that lovely set of Pyrex bowls? Think about a blast to the past with your kitchen using the early 1950’s chrome table and chairs, matching the wall color to the chair colors… painting cabinets white to allow the Pyrex colors to spread throughout your kitchen, yellow, blue, red, and green. Home at last.

·      Not a country type home? Seriously consider white marble with gray veins, contrasting against a deep rich gray wall. If you are afraid of the marble scratching, there are man made products that mimic the look.  Go with stainless appliances and simple hand pulls to keep the look minimalistic.

·      Is your kitchen small?  Find a rug with all the right colors. Paint those cabinets white or soft white and throw down the rug on the floor. Instantly your kitchen is visually doubled in size. The burst of color in the softness will do it every single time in an all white room.

·      If recycling is your thing, you can find repurposed cast off countertops with used cabinets. Paint the cabinets, clean the countertops and lets do this makeover.  You can spray paint appliances to give them a fresh look and bring in some recycled wood touches.

These were simple suggestions to get your mind going on possibilities as you plan your kitchen re-do. Take time and do not rush. Collect ideas and pictures and decide first what your budget is. Then find the ‘look’ you want in one or two photos. Then make a list of what you have to do to get to the new look.  Follow your heart, but use your budget and stick to it. You will have that kitchen transformed in quick time. Good Luck.