Ben Salopek

Mortgage Officer/Loan Originator

Winter Haven / Central Florida

NMLS: 1531025


As a mortgage banker, I’m here to support and assist you every step of the way. I’m not here to sell you a mortgage. I’m here to help give you the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family. A mortgage is about your time, your money, and your home. Nothing else is more important.

The process begins with asking where you want to live, the type of property and what you are looking for in a home. Once honed in on the property, I will work with you to establish a budget that works best for your lifestyle. It is important to me that my clients secure a mortgage for the home of their choosing, while still allowing them to live comfortably within their means. After all, one does not want to be house “rich”, yet cash “poor”.

I’ll assist you in choosing the right loan, because nothing wastes more time and money than applying for a loan that doesn’t meet your needs. I pride myself in being available at times even after regular work hours. You’ll have my personal cell phone and email address that I monitor on a constant basis. I’m here for you and any question should you have throughout this process, as I understand it can be frustrating at times, however the end result is well worth it!


Client Reviews Geneva Financial and Ben Salopek

Ben helped me close on my house and it was a seamless, successful process. Very happy that he and his team were able to answer all my questions and remove all the obstacles. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need! Eric D.

We would like to thank you Ben for all of your help and support you provided in making our desires a reality. Mortgages are a stressful process and your diligence paid off, we closed before the holidays. Jennie Politsch


Now that my mom is moved in and starting to settle into unpacking her new home (no thanks to Irma!), I wanted to write to thank you for the time and attention you spent on getting her a mortgage. Your availability both during and after normal business hours made it possible for me to help after work with any difficulties, which was often the times when we seemed to get the most done. It was clear to me throughout the process that you were as committed to getting her a mortgage as I was to getting one. As a result, even in times of extreme stress I at least had the comfort of knowing you were on our team and would not give up. Your willingness to call whomever and make the extra effort to complete tasks that you could just as easily have said were not your job helped us get over the finish line just in time, and without that commitment the whole process would have only felt that much more insurmountable. Clearly, though, our teamwork paid off in the end. Thank you for everything and best of luck as you continue your career. -Melanie

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